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Why not want more for your life?

Why not put yourself out there?

Why not pivot and try a different approach to success?

Why not have a life wilder than your biggest dreams?

why the fuck not?!




Becoming Your Highest Self in 60 Days


The perfect journal to track your goals and build positive habits for more happiness, success, and productivity. Each daily spread includes prompts to track and record your goals, intentions, gratitude lists, affirmations, stresses, water intake, and activities, and then reflect on the impact those things had on your energy level throughout the day while releasing what no longer serves you.

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From food stamps to building an empire... When the idea was introduced to me that I could transform my life and create my own reality using the power of my mindset, things started to shift.

No more victim mentality, and lack ideals, a new realm of possibilities opened up for me. So much so that I created my own book to help guide others along on their path. "60 Days Away" - "becoming your highest self in 60 days". Using the methods in this journal, people from all over are now able to hone in on their own goals, step into their own power, and level up. 

I hope you join me in creating a life you love for yourself! 

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