It all starts with one question...


Why not want more for your life?

Why not put yourself out there?

Why not pivot and try a different approach to success?

Why not have a life wilder than your biggest dreams?

why the fuck not?!




The Beginners Course

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Journaling Workshop

Join Amanda on 5/19-  National Journal Day for a LIVE Journaling/Mindset Workshop. Set new goals for yourself and level up.


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The Ultimate Course

During this all inclusive course, Amanda will share her tips, tricks, hacks and best practices on how to secure paid travel. What you can expect: Pitch Template. How to find correct emails. How to price your services. Tier and deliverable options. How to find properties hack. Deliverables to offer properties. Niche breakdown tips and much more!

*Please Note: If you’d like custom advice on pricing, and edits to your templates, consider the ALL ACCESS add on after the course.


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Tripod 101

Learn how to shoot your own content using a tripod and not give a f*ck while doing so.


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Higher Self Mastery Course

Join Amanda for a virtual session on how to maximize your journaling to manifest anything you want.

Gain clarity on who you are, what you want in life and call in your highest self. Learn how to become your highest self.


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What people are saying...

"I got my first travel collaboration two weeks after taking the course! I am excited to continue landing travel collaborations all because of her help. I am a single mother, and with the help of Amanda's course, I get to show my son more than I ever thought possible. Trust me- it is WORTH IT!" - THE ULTIMATE COURSE

"There is so much relevant information in the course. I love the “how to find properties hacks“ and that she makes it so easy to lay out the pitch! With Amanda's help I was able to negotiate a PAID stay from a free night, get some amazing content, and now I’m working on my second paid property. 100% recommend!

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