Becoming Your Highest Self...

The perfect journal to track your goals and build positive habits for more happiness, success, and productivity. Each daily spread includes prompts to track and record your goals, intentions, gratitude lists, affirmations, stresses, water intake, and activities, and then reflect on the impact those things had on your energy level throughout the day while releasing what no longer serves you.

in 60 Days

Featuring delicate illustrations and a contemporary design, this 60-day journal is perfect for those wanting to make meaningful changes in their daily life that will lead them to becoming the highest and best version of themselves.

The guided prompts in 60 Days Away are specifically designed to help you become more confident and positive in life by consistently practicing gratitude and introducing simple yet powerful life-enhancing habits. (hell yeah)

There is even a “Space of Infinite Possibility” where you can doodle, sketch, remind yourself of something, jot down random thoughts, or write down your workout circuit!

On day one you will start to rewire your brain to say goodbye to anxiety, stress, and burn out. You’ll learn how to break the vicious cycle of destructive habits, and replace them with methods to create lasting, positive ones







*all journals are non-refundable

What people are saying...

This journal is like no other. Not your typical daily journal. It really makes you stop and look, think and analyze to goal set for your future. The “Space of Infinite Possibility” was great for me to get creative.

This journal is SO good! If you love manifesting, you need this journal! Journaling is such a key part to manifesting in my opinion and this journal has incredible prompts that really gets you thinking. It is a MUST!

This journal has changed my life! I notice a huge difference on the days I use it and the days I don’t. It’s a great way to start your morning, to meditate on the goals you want to achieve & how you want to feel/make other people feel. It takes no longer than 10mins to do every morning & I promise it will change your life.

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